Several Usenet providers are competing for the favour of users. Our review presents USENEXT, which is the largest European provider and a client which has already scored well in various specialist magazines. But how did it do in our review?

There are over 100,000 newsgroups enabling access to more than 25,000 terabytes of data. Files remain on the servers for over 3600 day. Security also plays a major role in the Usenet. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures security of access. Log-on data is also transmitted in encrypted form.

Discover the Usenet with a free USENEXT trial

USENEXT offers free 14-day trial access with no strings attached. The so-called “Hybrid Rate” offers the user two download options. The “Highspeed Mode” enables Downloads up to 10 gigabytes at unlimited speed. The “Free Volume Mode” provides a download volume of 300 gigabytes at up to 2,000 kbit/s. Users may switch between the two download options at any time. The benefit of this trial agreement is that you can seamlessly continue to use the service once your free trial has expired. There is no need to extend the agreement. If you do not wish to extend, however, you will need to cancel before the 14 days have passed. The cancellation process is convenient and merely involves a click in the user’s personal member area. Once the trial period has expired, there is a choice of various volume packages (30, 80 or 250 GB/month) offering unlimited download speed. Once the download volume has been exhausted, users may continue to download in “Free Volume Mode” – at up to 2,000 kbit/s.

Check out the free trial on the USENEXT Homepage.