Unison Newsreader

Unison Newsreader for Mac OS X

unison-newsreader-startUnison is only available for Mac OS X. This allows Unison to commit themselves fully to Mac OS X. So it comes in especially handy to all frequent Mac users. All basics such as SSL encryption and NZB file downloads are integrated. You can purchase this newsreader for the price of $30. This is quite expensive but ensures perfect functionality with the Mac design. In addition, an UnRAR feature is included.

A major disadvantage is the lack of a search function though. This makes it difficult to find binary files. This is something the developers clearly need to work on. All in all, however, Unison is a suitable newsreader for Mac users.

Screenshots Unison Newsreader

unison-newsreader-screenshot-3 unison-newsreader-screenshot-2 unison-newsreader-screenshot-1