Usenet Newsreaders

There are several usenet newsreaders available and ready to help you downloading from usenet. There are many things which can influence your decision which newsreader fits best for your needs. We tested them all and give you a quick and straight forward overview. What features are necessary and which are nice to have? Does that newsreader run on my OS? How much does a newsreader cost? Are there also free ones? We answer all this questions and help you to find the perfect newsreader for you.


tangysoft-newsreader-280x150Tangysoft – Easy-to-use Newsreader

The Tangysoft Client is a valuable Usenet client. It is one of the only newsreaders that supports several languages in addition to offering a lot of other features, … [Read more…]


 newsbin-pro-newsreaderNewsbin Pro Newsreader

Newsbin Pro – Comfort and functionality Newsbin Pro is a quite expensive Usenet client, which costs between $20 and $30. It is only available for Windows. It supports a lot of languages and comes … [Read more…]


 unison-newsreader-startUnison Newsreader

Unison Newsreader for Mac OS X
Unison is only available for Mac OS X. This allows Unison to commit themselves fully to Mac OS X. So it comes in especially handy to all frequent Mac users. All basics … [Read more…]



grabit-newsreader-logoGrabit Newsreader

Grabit – Easy to use Newsreader
Grabit is another free Usenet newsreader, which comes with all the basic features you need including an efficient search function. The clean interface comes in handy … [Read more…]


newsleecher-newsreaderNewsleecher Newsreader

 Newsleecher – Professional Newsreader for $20
Newsleecher is another Windows-based newsreader, which comes along with a whole bunch of features. For the price of $20 you get a proper newsreader that … [Read more…]