Usenet Server (Newsserver)

Usenet and the Internet are not the same. Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion forum that has been in existence for over 30 years. In the early days downloading from Usenet servers did not used to be as comfortable as it is nowadays.

In order to download files you need to connect to Usenet. The available files as well as the download mechanism may seem similar to P2P networks—there is a huge difference though! You only connect to Usenet servers (Newsservers) not to another personal computer. This assures instant access to all kinds of files. Nothing’s easier than downloading quickly and safely with a reliable newsreader like Momentum or Holmez.

There are several Usenet Newsservers you can connect to. Those available at no cost usually have very low retention time and no binary newsgroups. Therefore, you need a payserver from which you may download at full speed from all sources. This means that for a small fee of usually $9.90 per month you get high speed access to all data stored on Usenet. Feel free to download the software provided on this webpage to receive a 14-day free trial. Start downloading right away!