All About Usenet

This section gives you an overview all about usenet in general. We answer all your questions like what are binaries? Do I need software to download from usenet? What is a newsserver? Moreover you get to know how usenet started and which way it developed. You can also read about the fight internet against usenet and what way they are existing besides each other today. Learn to enjoy the priviliges of usenet and get what you need with an insane download speed. Start downloading 2.0 today!

what-is-usenet-280x150What is Usenet?

 What is Usenet? High-Speed Downloads.
Usenet is a system that allows you to post and receive messages as well as files. Every file or message is saved for a certain amount of time. Thus Usenet can be … [Read more…]

 usenet-server-280x150Usenet Server (Newsserver)

Usenet and the Internet are not the same. Usenet is a worldwide distributed Internet discussion forum that has been in existence for over 30 years. In the early days downloading from Usenet servers … [Read more…]

 usenet-download-280x150Downloads from Usenet

How to download from Usenet
The files in Usenet are provided by other users. However, there is a noteworthy difference between Usenet and P2P networks. The files are not downloaded from another … [Read more…]

Usenet Binaries

 What are Usenet binaries?
What are Usenet binaries? Binaries are the reason Usenet is still popular these days. A binary is any raw data such as jpeg, mpeg or any other type of file. Binaries are the … [Read more…]

usenet-access-software-280x150Usenet access software

 How does Usenet access software work?
There are a lot of different accessible Usenet servers. Those available at no cost usually have very low retention time and no binaries. Therefore, you need a … [Read more…]