Which are the leading Usenet providers?

There are hundreds of Usenet providers, but which ones are the leading companies? Many providers offer nearly the same and differ mainly in retention time, payment and support. As the markets leaders UseNeXT, Usenet.nl and Giganews have to be named, you should not forget about Firstload, UsenetServer, Newshosting and aEton.

There are, of course several other providers previously not mentioned. Newshosting, for example, offers only 60 connections at the same time in their XL package. Regarding common offers, UseNeXT, for example, supplies 30 parallel connections. The average number of connections comes to 15. In terms of bandwidth, SSL encryption, amount of newsgroups and account sharing, all of the 7 providers named above are following nearly identical ways. Shared accounts are prohibited everywhere. You can use your full bandwidth until you reach your traffic limit. In standard bundles SSL encryption is generally included. Every provider usually offers you about 100,000 newsgroups.

One of the more important criteria is the retention time of text and binary files. Giganews for example can offer you a storage period of 8 ½ years, followed by UseNeXT with 3,832 days retention time, while the average is about 2,400 days. Furthermore, the support of Giganews is available 24 hours and 7 days a week by mail and live chat. Usenet.nl and UseNeXT also provide support by mail and phone, and are unavailable only on Sundays. Most of the other providers only offer support either per mail or by phone and only on weekdays.

Finally, there are differences in payment methods. Most options are offered by aEton. Here you can pay your bill via bank transfer, direct debiting, credit card and PayPal. UseNeXT also provides those possibilities, except for bank transfer. Typically a credit card is required and often the only option to pay. When it comes down to the leading Usenet provider, UseNeXT might be your number one. You can easily describe UseNeXT as your all-round-solution. It might not be the best choice in every division. So if you want to grasp the most out of your Usenet access, UseNeXT might just be your way to go.