What’s the difference between Usenet and BitTorrent?

When it comes to downloading files, you will hear the names of Usenet and BitTorrent again and again. But what’s the difference between these platforms? If you only consider the costs, BitTorrent might be your first choice. However if you are researching the quality features both offer, the differences become clear really fast. Usenet is definitely the better choice, due to quite a lot of benefits.

Looking at the bandwidth available you can realize a first significant difference at once. Usenet’s download speed is only limited by the bandwidth of your Internet service provider and can lead to velocity advantages 10 times higher than usual downloads. Data download takes places directly from servers. When using BitTorrent your download speed is depending on other users internet connection as well as the amount of seeds.

Furthermore Usenet can be used completely anonymous, since your IP address can’t be accessed from outside. Your Usenet provider usually doesn’t keep any log files about your activities or download actions. They solely gather data about your amount of traffic to render account for your package. Apart from reasons of data protection, logging activities of their customers would simply take way too much storage space. If you regard higher security and anonymity as benefits, Usenet is your way to go. Torrents make it comparatively easy to find out who conducts which download due to the lack of SSL encryption. As you don’t have to distribute any data to the Usenet, like it is required in P2P networks like BitTorrent, there are no data about your whereabouts available.

Furthermore Usenet’s longer retention time is an important argument. Retention time of articles and data usually differ by provider but often adds up to several years, while storage time by torrents is down to only approximately one month. As an extra treat, Usenet provides the opportunity of repairing faulty or uncompleted files with par-data.

The most common drawback you will hear about is the fee you have to pay to your Usenet provider. If you want a save BitTorrent access though, you will have to invest into a VPN. That in mind the costs accommodate. Considering the advantages listed above, Usenet might be the network of your choice. Anyway Usenet cares about higher velocity, your security, and your privacy.