How to start with Usenet?

To use the services of Usenet, some conditions have to be fulfilled. Generally there are three things you will need. Internet access is a must have, of course. There are no limits, but if you plan on using Usenet especially for binary-newsgroups, the speed and quality of the connection your Internet service provider offers can affect your user experience. Also a flat rate might certainly be convenient. That way you can use your bandwidth up to the maximum.

Furthermore a news server is required. These differ in terms of costs and services. Internet access providers often offer a free news server with their services, but those are almost exclusively available without binary newsgroups. If you want to use binary newsgroups, it’s inevitable to subscribe to a professional Usenet provider at your own expense. They will allow you to experience all of Usenet’s facets for only a small fee.

Finally a newsreader is essential. This software is needed to read messages or to download files from the Usenet. Nowadays some mail clients, like Thunderbird or Outlook Express, offer you the possibility of reading articles in text-based newsgroups. If that is all you want from Usenet, you probably won’t need a special client. If you are interested in downloading files, though, you will want to look for a newsreader that can handle binary files, like HolmeZ. Often these newsreaders are offered by your provider anyways, but sometimes you are free to choose according to your individual needs. If all those requirements are fulfilled, you can explore the unlimited world of Usenet.