Usenet FAQ

It can be very difficult to find one’s way in the wide world of Usenet. Some of you want to know how Usenet works from the technical point of view, others are interested in the leading Usenet providers. Newcomers often don’t know how to start with Usenet or want to know if Usenet is legal. Therefore, our FAQ section delivers answers to help you solving your problems and questions.

How does Usenet work?
Usenet is a decentralized network for the distribution of postings. It is very simple to use, because the user only needs to search for the topic he’s interested in. [read more]

How to start with Usenet?
Some conditions have to be fulfilled for using the services of Usenet. There are three things you will need: Access to the Internet, a news server and a newsreader … [read more]

Is Usenet legal?
The access to Usenet is completely legal. You can compare Usenet with the Internet. It serves for exchanging information in a legit way. Usenet offers the opportunity … [read more]

What’s the difference between Usenet and BitTorrent?
When it comes to downloading files, you always hear the names of Usenet and BitTorrent. Usenet is definitely the better choice, due to quite a lot of benefits. The … [read more]

Which are the leading Usenet providers?
There are hundreds of Usenet providers. Many providers offer nearly the same and differ mainly in payment, support and retention time. As the market leaders you … [read more]

Which Usenet provider is the best for you?
All providers claim to be the best, but they differ in many ways. As a user, you want to get the very best out of your money, and your provider. Therefore comparing … [read more]